“Come What May”: A Roadmap to Kurt and Blaine’s Past, Present, and Future

In rewatching “Come What May,” I was initially interested in how Kurt and Blaine keep looking away from each other during the number. But as I watched, I realized that was deliberate because the choreography is actually telling the story of Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, from past to future. The lack of eye contact represents failures in communication, which is a major part of their journey.

So, the story of Kurt and Blaine told in stage directions:

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I’ve never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss

Seasons may change
Winter to spring
But I love you, until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you
Until my dying day
[Blaine walks alone on the rooftop and looks out toward the skyline rather than in toward the roof]

Moulin Rouge opens after the final scenes have already happened; we know from the beginning that Satine is dead. On her deathbed, Satine asks Christian to tell their story. Blaine, running parallel to Christian, is telling his and Kurt’s story: Here he remembers the first time he met Kurt and the first time they had sex.

Blaine feels sure of their love right now, so he is able to reflect on the romance of their relationship and on how “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place [Kurt starts singing and walks toward Blaine, who has his back to him]

The narrative begins when Kurt enters. This is the day Kurt meets Blaine and follows their becoming best friends. Kurt falls in love with Blaine the first time they meet, but Blaine figuratively has his back to Kurt, unaware of Kurt’s feelings and his own.

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace [Blaine turns and makes eye contact with Kurt]

Blaine realizes his feelings for Kurt (“You move me, Kurt”) and they have their first (and second) kiss. They are finally seeing each other.

Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste [They walk toward each other and join hands]

The honeymoon phase of their relationship. They are in love and they have sex for the first time, which connects them further.

It all revolves around you [They slow dance but are looking away from each other]

The latter part of season 3, post-“Michael,” as they are together but their issues, like Kurt’s impending departure and Blaine’s insecurities, begin driving them apart. They are together but not seeing each other (communicating).

And there’s no mountain too high
[Kurt lets go and walks away]

Kurt leaves for New York, leaving Blaine behind in Ohio.

No river too wide [Blaine turns and watches him retreat to under the canopy]

Kurt, enamored with his new life in New York, pulls away from Blaine. Blaine becomes more despondent as no one seems to hear him when he tries to talk about his problems. Blaine cheats on Kurt.

Sing out this song
And I’ll be there by your side [Kurt has his back to Blaine while Blaine approaches and circles the canopy]

Blaine sings their song, “Teenage Dream,” at Callbacks. Kurt realizes something is wrong. Blaine confesses to cheating and Kurt runs from him.

Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
[Blaine takes a few more steps toward Kurt, who still has his back to Blaine]

Blaine apologizes more times than he can count, but Kurt ignores all contact.Until…

But I love you [Kurt turns to look at Blaine]

Kurt calls Blaine at Thanksgiving and tells Blaine that he still loves him. Communication, though tentative, has been reestablished.

I love you [Kurt looks down briefly and then they hold eye contact while Blaine continues circling the canopy]

Blaine and Kurt spend Christmas together. Kurt is raw and their interactions are slightly uncomfortable, but Blaine is certain of his love and Kurt acknowledges this. They are starting to see each other more clearly.

Until the end of time [Blaine pauses and they continue looking at each other]

They are together at the wedding, making out in the back seat of a car and singing a duet.

Come what may
Come what may [They keep eye contact as Blaine enters the canopy]

Blaine is certain that they will be together. He has gotten past Kurt’s raised walls. He tells Kurt after they sleep together than they are going to be together for many more holidays and Kurt doesn’t dispute this.

I will love you [They approach each other, then both look down]

Here we shift to the future. The moment they look down, I think, will be Blaine singing “Against All Odds” and Kurt trying to navigate whatever is going on with Adam. These are speed bumps in their reconciliation.

I will love you [They look back up at each other while Kurt reaches for Blaine, pulls him close and shuts his eyes while Blaine’s arms circle around him]

They reunite. They have both grown immensely and are stronger for their time apart. Kurt, finally able to trust Blaine with his heart again, reaches for Blaine and pulls him back into his life, his plans for the future, his everything. In shutting his eyes, Kurt makes himself vulnerable to Blaine once more. Blaine, in circling his arms around Kurt, swears to protect the precious gift (Kurt’s heart) that he has been given a second time. I imagine we’ll see the “Come What May” reprise in relation to this moment.

Note that the sequence ends with Santana referencing their wedding. Once they’ve reunited, they will get married legally, though they were married spiritually the moment Kurt gave his heart back to Blaine for safekeeping.

This? Is endgame.

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