blaine and kurt; true north.

the bug zapper at his grandmother’s house
always attracted a swarm of moths.
as a child, he could never wrap his mind around
that deliberate plunge,
the attraction to something that hurt
and killed.

later he learned the truth lies in instinct.
moths are destined for the moon,
their true north,
and bug zappers are but a distraction along the way.
their eyes catch the shining light in the great dark
and it is there that they fly,
never knowing that they’ve missed their target
by a couple hundred thousand miles.

it is a melancholy senselessness,
the flight of moth to zapper.

they spend their lives in search of the moon
and when they fly into the light, 
their entire body tells them this is right.
it is instinct;
it is their purpose;
it is what they were created for.
but zappers are pale imitations to their blessed gray goddess
and how painful must it be
if moths could comprehend such a heartbreaking picture
of futility.

he thinks he’s come to know love in much the same way.
he loves that boy with what feels like instinct;
a life he is meant to know,
a path he was destined to follow.
he sees the moon in that boy’s eyes
and with his entire body, he knows this is right.
even through the blinding light.
even through the painful burn.

he loves him, but somedays he wonders,
if he’s headed north
or if everything they are
is built on a dollar store illusion.

5x19 Extended Summary


Rachel’s duplicitous actions come back to haunt her as news that she missed a performance of Funny Girl in order to audition for a TV pilot – and lied to producers about it – begins to hit the press. In order to prevent a wave of bad publicity that could sully her fresh image, Rachel enlists Santana’s help in rebranding herself. Deciding she needs to champion a worthwhile cause, she and the girls organize an all-female musical gala to benefit a local dog shelter (aptly titled “Broadway Bitches”), but Rachel soon realizes there is a marked difference between simply looking like a good person, and actually being one. 

Kurt – who has been starting to feel inadequate in the wake of everyone else’s recent successes and finding himself excluded from the all-girl performance – befriends former Broadway star Maggie Banks, who is currently living in a senior-citizens home for retired performers. When he is given the chance to join the elderly cast in their production of Peter Pan, he seizes the opportunity, and tries to make a positive difference in the lives of Maggie, her friends, and her family. Meanwhile, the smitten Sam is eager to prove to Mercedes that he’s a responsible and dependable adult worthy of being considered husband (and father) material. To prove his point, he adopts a dog, but when “McConaughey” proceeds to destroy the apartment (and Mercedes’ expensive hair extensions), Sam must teach the dog some obedience or admit failure.

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Firefly | This is the entire show in one perfect sentence.

Reblogging this again because I’m re-watching the show and think this quote captures the essence of it. Gosh I forgot how much I love this show.

Why do I have the feeling this is going to be a thing this hiatus? I reread my old notes for “no junior!blaine” abandoned fic, and I seem to have predicted the future. [It wasn’t that hard, though ;) ]

Nelly and her crystal ball ;) I already have so many things I want to rage!write.